In Wine there is Wisdom, in Beer there is Freedom, in Water there is Bacteria – A Winemakers journey to Freedom

Spent BarleyTwo-and-a-half years ago I wrote a blog about my visit to Craft Beer Rising, at that time I had been a winemaker travelling around the world creating fermented beverages out of grapes in various different countries.  As anyone who has ever done a vintage knows, it can be a very full-on, stressful time. When the grapes are ready decisions must be made quickly and you are at the mercy of the weather; an incredible, powerful frenzied high, then it is all over and life gets back to normal.

Beer on the other hand can be made all year, there is time pressures of a different kind, and certainly in terms of ingredients, there is a bit more artistic freedom in its creation.  It was this that had been fuelling my interest in learning how the other half lived.  In my blog of 2.5 years ago I wrote ‘And who knows, maybe there is some brewing in my future …’

Well that time has come, and here I will document my journey into the world of brewing


About WineSagasu

It is all about wine, whisky, and other great spirits, and of course beer, cider and 日本酒! UK, Germany, France, 日本 Montreal born
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